Becoming a DLG® Distributor: a real opportunity!


Direct sales and network marketing are an essential economic force. More and more companies are opting for this distribution channel, which allows a direct relationship between the advisor and the client, product promotion, customer loyalty thanks to personalized follow-up.

DL-Group® wishes to support its advisers with training in sales and sales and marketing techniques, in order to optimize the results.

Our objective is to develop the dialogue and the interactivity between the actors in presence, company, advisers, customers, social media, in order not only to identify potential customers, but also to know them, to understand them, and to retain them through relevant communication and reward programs.

DL-Group® allows you to take control of your life by engaging in a profession of the future, with a professional team, reassuring and rewarding training, and guarantees you autonomy and freedom of action.

Let's build a new future together and be the change!

Become a DLG® Distributor

Please take note of the general conditions of distribution of DLG® products by clicking here.

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